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Weekly Academic Contact (WAC)

Making WAC:

Two-way weekly contact with a certificated teacher related to the instructional goals outlined in the WSLP. Contact can be:

  • Direct personal contact, which is one-to-one contact with a teacher. Direct personal contact can be in person or by email, telephone, instant messaging, or interactive video (ZOOM).

  • In-person instructional contact, which is face-to-face contact with a teacher in a classroom. In-person instructional contact may be accomplished in a group setting between the certificated teacher and multiple students.

  • Synchronous digital instruction contact, which is real-time communication with a teacher using online, voice, or video communication technology. Synchronous digital instructional contact may be accomplished in a group setting between the teacher and multiple students.

Missing WAC:

Attendance is the number one indicator of student success. At BVA, missing just ONE weekly contact accounts for FIVE (5) school days. Attendance is monitored both consecutive (in a row) AND cumulative (over the school year). Mr. Forsberg and the BVA attendance team monitor student attendance weekly have developed a set of steps to help engage students and help remove potential barriers.

Missed Weekly Academic Contact Step Progression:

Week 1: Automated phone call and email to parents

Week 2: A phone call from the attendance team

Week 3: Attendance Meeting #1 with the student support team

Week 4: Home Visit

Week 5: Grace Week to implement interventions

Week 6: Attendance Meeting #2 with administration

Week 7: Potential BECCA paperwork filed with Pierce County Courts