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Elementary FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to register for BVA for my student to participate in online learning at their resident school?

A:  Yes, all students automatically remain active in their resident school unless parents select to enroll in BVA. There are no additional enrollment requirements unless you are new to the District. 

Q: I completed the form for BVA. Am I signed up?

A: Please call our main office for information on your registration status. 

Phone: 253-800-3100


Q: How will BVA work for students with IEPs?

A: BVA is a highly independent and self-paced online program. We are planning to have special education supports as a part of BVA, but the supports will be different than what is available at your resident school. Parents that are concerned about the more self-directed aspects of BVA (even with limited IEP-related support) should highly consider remaining at their resident school to start the year. 

Q: Can BVA students attend school for extracurricular activities, music classes, and JROTC?

A:  Yes, a BVA student will be allowed to participate in these activities at their resident school as they are available.

Q: If I enroll my student in BVA, does the school provide everything my student needs to learn or will I need to be the one that has to plan what to teach her?

A: Currently every student in the Bethel School District has an iPad, and that will continue for BVA. We are also looking into what other technology needs our students might need to be successful, with 100% online learning. If you are out of district, you need to provide a device and wifi for your student.

A secondary student will need the support of their parents/guardian to help them establish a routine for school and monitor their engagement. However, teachers will provide all the instruction necessary for a student to excel. An online curriculum (that is currently being used in established online schools in the state) is being purchased and will support the work of the student and teacher. 

At the elementary level, younger students will need to work in partnership with their parents. A classroom teacher will be available and providing instruction for the student and parent. A kindergarten student will need a great deal of parent involvement to be successful in BVA. The need for parent involvement will decrease for older elementary students.

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