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What is BVA?

Bethel Virtual Academy is a highly independent and self-paced K-12 online program, taught by Bethel School District’s certificated teachers. The majority of the students attending BVA will be considered full-time students. However, students enrolled in Running Start or Pierce County Skill Center can take the classes they need outside those programs with BVA. 

BVA is split into two categories: K-5, and 6-12 to better meet the unique needs of each group.  


Successful BVA Students:
  • Advocate for themselves
  • Communicate with all their teachers regularly
  • Create a schedule of 5.5 average hours of school time a day
  • Zoom with teachers as needed
  • Attend Advisory every week (secondary)
  • Attend Check in meetings with classroom teacher twice a month (elementary)
  • Using pacing calendar either in Canvas or Edgenuity 
  • Take notes while learning in their classes

If you have questions, please email or call one of the offices below: 

Please email or call 253-800-3100.

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BVA is split into two categories: K-5, and 6-12 to better meet the unique needs of each group.

What does it mean to be a full-time online student with BVA?

Students in grades 6-12 should plan on approximately 70 minutes per class per day devoted to school work and will take 5 classes per trimester, plus Advisory for a total of 28 hours per week. Students in grades K-5 should plan on approximately 330 minutes per day devoted to school work in a variety of subject areas for a total of 28 hours per week.

Each student will have a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP), and is expected to progress on pace with that plan. Students are required to engage in Weekly Academic Contact (WAC’s) with their teachers. Teachers will provide Monthly Academic Progress (MAP’s). Students may at any time reach out to teachers to schedule a time for intervention 1 on 1.

Students can expect the option to communicate with their teachers in a variety of ways. Some examples: 1 on 1 meetings, virtual feedback on assignments, recorded video instruction, or small group instruction.  

BVA is an alternative option for students. Students who are consistently of academic concern via MAP or who have not had any contact with the school or their teacher for 20 consecutive days may be withdrawn. All BVA students will be checked out a district iPad from BVA to access their online classes.

How will the Bethel Virtual Academy work for elementary students?

The Bethel Virtual Academy is designed for any family seeking a self-paced and highly independent learning experience. BVA students access learning through recorded lessons, learning support materials, and an instructional schedule set by the teacher. Students and learning coaches participate in required bi-monthly check-in meetings to monitor student's progress. Additionally, students are required to attend weekly classroom meetings.  BVA uses our adopted elementary curricula, Accelerate Education, to guide the independent learning progression for each student. 

Parents play a critical role and must commit through a formal agreement to provide continuous support as their student’s BVA learning coach. Students are asked to maintain enrollment; however, there will be pre-established transition dates for families that wish to re-enroll at their home school.

The BVA schedule follows Washington State’s Alternative Learning Experience guidelines, including a requirement for 333 minutes of daily student engagement. Students will have an assigned certified teacher to manage and monitor their independent learning plan.